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Grange Monastique

L'immense Grange Monastique !

In bygone days, this large barn unabled the storage of grains and perishable goods under cover. It was also a place where men and ther east worked the surrounding grounds.

Having and important surface area it lend itself to be the ideal place for entertaining a large number of guests.

The gothic arch, which is the main entrance, opens on to a line of oak pillars whow bring out forth the monumental fireplace.

The warm colour of the floor tiles goes so well with the light brown timber frame.

In the center of this huge room, a splendid Murano glass chandelier (signed Venini) emits an enchanting sight, spreading its soft light along those of the walls and pillers

Some 300 guests can be seated confortably in this room.

Added to this, the conforts of modern life (toilets, restroom, etc..). A room has been fully equiped in order to give caterers, a practical and easy service.

Depending on the seasons, you can have access to the anciant orchard and courtyard of the domain, if you so wish.

Fiche technique


Capacité d’accueil : 220 personnes assises
Salle chauffée
Espace sonorisation
Connexion WiFi
Commoditées (homme – femme – handicapé)

Vidéo-projecteur et son écran (idéal pour vos Karaokés – présenter vos projets – visionner vos meilleurs souvenirs – …)


Matériels de sonorisation : enceintes – table de mixage – lecteur,…

320 fauteuils intérieurs / extérieurs – Tables rectangulaires et rondes de différents diamètres. 

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