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Located 15 minutes from Angoulême and in the direction of Limoges, in the municipality of Saint Projet, the Château des Ombrais welcomes you in an exceptional setting. This set of historic buildings will be suitable for all your private, public or professional events. Its large reception capacity (297 people), the refinement and natural beauty of the places make it a rare and highly sought after site!

Whatever services are desired, we will find the formula that suits you.

Contact us and tell us what you want, even the craziest. 

We will strive to meet all your requirements.


1451, the Hundred Years War is not over. In Angoumois, the Good Count Jean, grandfather of the illustrious François I, chose to build the Castle of the Umbrians. Instead of the old Gallo-Roman tower, it will build the castle we know today.

Close to the city of Angoulême and situated on a rocky outcrop overlooking the Bandiat valley, this one has a definite military interest. But it is also because of its harmonious and human dimensions a haven of peace on the edge of the vast Braconne Forest where later, when he became king, Francis I would like to come and run the deer and enjoy the company of his most faithful.

Taking advantage of the secure presence of the Castle a community of religious will come to settle and work on the grounds of the estate. Over the centuries, their Monastic Barn will continue for a long time to welcome pilgrims from Europe on their way to Compostela.

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